Adversarial vision challenge


This competition was meant to facilitate measurable progress towards robust machine vision models and more generally applicable adversarial attacks. It encouraged researchers to develop query-efficient adversarial attacks that can successfully operate against a wide range of defenses while just observing the final model decision to generate adversarial examples. Conversely, the competition encouraged the development of new defenses that can resist a wide range of strong decision-based attacks. In this chapter we describe the organisation and structure of the challenge as well as the solutions developed by the top-ranking teams.

Matthias Bethge
Matthias Bethge
Professor for Computational Neuroscience and Machine Learning & Director of the Tübingen AI Center

Matthias Bethge is Professor for Computational Neuroscience and Machine Learning at the University of Tübingen and director of the Tübingen AI Center, a joint center between Tübingen University and MPI for Intelligent Systems that is part of the German AI strategy.