Essential Mathematics for Neuroscience (Winter Term 2011/12)

General Information

Lecturer Tatiana Senkova
Course Content The course is intended to give a mathematical refresher about all the mathematics needed in the everyday life of a neuroscientist, and in particular, in other courses of the program. An excercise assignment will be handed out at the beginning of the term in order to assess the level of mathematical background of the audience. The level of the course will be chosen according to the results of this excercise. The course itself will consist of two main parts: (i) An introduction to Linear Algebra and (ii) an introduction to Calculus. The introduction to Linear Algebra will mainly cover vector- and matrix manipulations. The introduction to Calculus we will cover integration, differentiation and some Fourier Analysis.
Location and Time Lecture: Monday, 13:00 - 15:00, Gradschool Lecture Hall
Rules There will be 10 problem sheets. In order to pass the class you have to pass all 10 problem sheets. Presence is mandatory for PhD students. If master students choose not to attend they have to solve 2 additional problem sheets to pass. All problem sheets will be available on Monday after the lecture and have to be handed in the next week before the lecture.
Further Information visit the course website at the Graduate School of Neural and Behavioural Sciences


Lecture Notes Lecture script
Lecture Slides Lecture 1 - Introduction
Lecture 2 - Trigonometry, exponents, adapting functions
Lecture 3 - Derivatives
Lecture 4 - The Usage of Derivatives
Additional script (lectures 2-6) Calculus Refresher
Week Assignment Basics refresher FAQ/Hints Additional Downloads
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