L. Theis, J. Sohl-Dickstein, and M. Bethge
Training sparse natural image models with a fast Gibbs sampler of an extended state space
Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems 25, 2012
#natural image statistics, #ica, #overcompleteness
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P. Berens, A. S. Ecker, R. J. Cotton, W. J. Ma, M. Bethge, and A. S. Tolias
A fast and simple population code for orientation in primate V1
Journal of Neuroscience, 32(31), 10618-10626, 2012
#population coding, #orientation, #v1, #macaque, #logistic regression, #multi-tetrode recordings, #noise correlations
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L. Theis, R. Hosseini, and M. Bethge
Mixtures of Conditional Gaussian Scale Mixtures Applied to Multiscale Image Representations
PLoS ONE, 7(7), 2012
#natural image statistics, #gaussian scale mixtures, #random fields, #mcgsm
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T. Putzeys, M. Bethge, F. A. Wichmann, J. Wagemans, and R. Goris
A New Perceptual Bias Reveals Suboptimal Population Decoding of Sensory Responses
PLoS Computational Biolology, 8(4), 2012
P. Berens, N. K. Logothetis, and A. S. Tolias
Local field potentials, BOLD and spiking activity: Relationships and physiological mechanisms
Visual population codes – towards a common multivariate framework for cell recording and functional imaging, MIT Press, 2012
#lfp, #bold, #gamma
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