F. Sinz and M. Bethge
Lp-nested symmetric distributions
Journal of Machine Learning Research, 11, 3409-3451, 2010
#natural image statistics, #ica, #lp-spherically symmetric distributions, #nu-spherical symmetric distributions
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R. Hosseini, F. Sinz, and M. Bethge
Lower bounds on the redundancy of natural images
Vision Research, 50(22), 2213-2222, 2010
#natural image statistics
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Science, 327(5965), 584-587, 2010
#noise correlations, #multi-tetrode recordings, #v1, #macaque
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Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems 23, 2010
#population coding, #fisher information
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S. Bridle, S. T. Balan, M. Bethge, M. Gentile, S. Harmeling, C. Heymans, M. Hirsch, R. Hosseini, et al.
Results of the GREAT08 Challenge: An image analysis competition for cosmological lensing
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 2010
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#bayesian inference, #generalized linear model, #spiking neurons
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#gaussian process
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J. H. Macke and F. A. Wichmann
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Journal of Vision, 10(5), 2010
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