Publications with the keyword "sparsity"

E. Froudarakis, P. Berens, A. S. Ecker, R. J. Cotton, F. H. Sinz, D. Yatsenko, P. Saggau, M. Bethge, et al.
Population code in mouse V1 facilitates read-out of natural scenes through increased sparseness
Nature Neuroscience, 17, 851-857, 2014
#sparsity, #natural image statistics, #population coding, #v1, #two-photon imaging
J.-P. Lies, R. M. Häfner, and M. Bethge
Slowness and sparseness have diverging effects on complex cell learning
PLoS Computational Biology, 10(3), 2014
#slowness, #sparsity, #complex cell, #natural image statistics, #unsupervised learning
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