Publications by Steffen Schneider

Journal Articles

P. Symvoulidis, A. Lauri, A. Stefanoiu, M. Cappetta, S. Schneider, H. Jia, A. Stelzl, M. Koch, et al.
NeuBtracker - imaging neurobehavioral dynamics in freely behaving fish
Nature Methods, 14(11), 2017
#calcium imaging, #zebrafish, #behavioural tracking, #neuroscience
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Conference Papers

S. Schneider, A. S. Ecker, J. H. Macke, and M. Bethge
Multi-Task Generalization and Adaptation between Noisy Digit Datasets: An Empirical Study
NeurIPS Continual Learning Workshop, 2018
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S. Schneider, A. S. Ecker, J. H. Macke, and M. Bethge
Salad: A Toolbox for Semi-supervised Adaptive Learning Across Domains
NeurIPS Machine Learning Open Source Software Workshop, 2018
#domain adaptation
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A. Supratak, S. Schneider, H. Dong, L. Li, and Y. Guo
Towards Desynchronization Detection in Biosignals
NIPS Time Series Workshop, 2017
#generative adversarial networks, #domain adaptation, #time series, #eeg
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Book Chapters

D. Bug, S. Schneider, A. Grote, E. Oswald, F. Feuerhake, J. Schüler, and D. Merhof
Context-based Normalization of Histological Stains using Deep Convolutional Features
Deep Learning in Medical Image Analysis and Multimodal Learning for Clinical Decision Support, Springer, Cham, 2017
#color normalization, #digital pathology, #deep learning, #medical imaging, #domain adaptation
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