Publications by D. H. J. Janssen

Unpublished Papers

R. Geirhos, D. H. J. Janssen, H. H. Schütt, J. Rauber, M. Bethge, and F. A. Wichmann
Comparing deep neural networks against humans: object recognition when the signal gets weaker
arXiv (superseeded by "Generalisation in humans and deep neural networks"), 170606969, 2017
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Conference Papers

F. A. Wichmann, D. H. Janssen, R. Geirhos, G. Aguilar, H. H. Schütt, M. Maertens, and M. Bethge
Methods and measurements to compare men against machines
Electronic Imaging, 2017(14), 36-45, 2017
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R. Geirhos, D. Janssen, H. Schütt, M. Bethge, and F. Wichmann
Of human observers and deep neural networks: A detailed psychophysical comparison
Journal of Vision, 17(10), 2017
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