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C. R. Cadwell, A. Palasantza, X. Jiang, P. Berens, Q. Deng, J. Reimer, K. Tolias, M. Bethge, et al.
Morphological, electrophysiological and transcriptomic profiling of single neurons using Patch-seq
Nature Biotechnology, 34, 199-203, 2016
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X. Jiang, S. Shen, C. Cadwell, P. Berens, F. Sinz, A. S. Ecker, S. Patel, and A. Tolias
Principles of connectivity among morphologically defined cell types in adult neocortex
Science, 350(6264), 1055, 2015
#connectivity, #interneurons, #morphology, #machine learning
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A. S. Ecker, P. Berens, R. J. Cotton, M. Subramaniyan, G. H. Denfield, C. R. Cadwell, S. M. Smirnakis, M. Bethge, et al.
State dependence of noise correlations in macaque primary visual cortex
Neuron, 82(1), 235-248, 2014
#noise correlations, #gpfa, #population, #anesthesia, #macaque
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