Spike-triggered mixture model (STM)

Spike-triggered distributions
Spike-triggered distributions of one real cell and different models.


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The file stm.tar.gz contains Python code for training GLMs and STMs, as well as other code which was used to produce some of the results presented in the paper referenced below. However, if you want to apply the STM to your own data, we recommend downloading the conditional modeling toolkit (cmt-0.4.0.tar.gz) instead, which contains faster implementations of the factored STM and the GLM. Alternatively, you may download a more recent version from Github.

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L. Theis, A. M. Chagas, D. Arnstein, C. Schwarz, and M. Bethge
Beyond GLMs: A Generative Mixture Modeling Approach to Neural System Identification
PLoS Computational Biology, 9(11), 2013
#generalized linear model, #spiking neurons, #mixture models
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